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RCF 4PRO 8002-AS

4PRO 8002-AS
4PRO 8002-AS is an active, high output, bandpass subwoofer system. Featuring an 18" newly designed RCF high power woofer in combination with 800 Watt Monolithic amplifiers. The 4PRO 8002-AS is the ideal complement for 4PRO Series and ART series speakers. Perfect when you need to increase the system headroom and you look for powerful punchy bass response; it is the ideal complement for existing active or passive PA. Applications include Main PA, Side Fills, Night Clubs and Corporate Events.

RCF 4PRO 8002-AS active subwoofer integrates a high current 800 Watt amplifier, plus complete electronic processor section and RCF Precision Series low distortion, high power woofer. The result is a compact, high power subwoofer, unique in its class for punchy output and low distortion characteristics. This new high power Winch woofer is the result of the last refinement in years of RCF experience in compact active subwoofers design, resulting in a fast and controlled reproduction of the bass frequency range. Features a 4" inside/outside voice coil to minimize power compression and extend the life of this product.

A 2 step class H design is used to power the system.This high current design.the amount of deliverable power in conjunction with a massive transformer and a multiple of high storage capacitors is able to achieve perfect control of the woofer mass at very high output levels.

The input section presents mono/stereo combo XLR/Jack input connectors and XLR high pass output connectors. A recessed master volume, the phase switch and the selectable crossover frequency switch guarantee the best versatility.The processor section includes active system equalization, limiter and protection functions.The system is visually controlled from 4 status LEDs.

The Baltic birch plywood enclosure is painted with black, heavy duty, texturedepoxy.The front is protected from a strong, powder coated, metal grille. The cabinet features two M 10 threaded points for optional speaker kart.a 35 mm pole mountadaptor, two ergonomic recessed side handles.

4PRO 8002-AS Features

  • High current 800 watt class H amplifier
  • 134d8maxSPL
  • 18" high power RCF woofer, 100 mm inside/outside copper coil
  • Response down to 40 Hz
  • Selectable crossover and high pass outputs, phase switch
  • Electronic equalization, limiter and protection
  • Mono/Stereo combo XLR/Jack input,
  • Mono/Stereo XLR signal output
  • Baltic birch compact enclosure and 2 side handles for easy transportation
  • Built in pole mount, two M10 points for optional speaker kart

4PRO Input Panel

4PRO Input Panel
  1. Combo Jack/XLR Female Input Connectors (Bal/Unbal)
  2. Male XLR Output Link Connectors
  3. Recessed Line level control
  4. System Status LED's

4PRO 8002-AS Dimensions
4PRO 8002-AS Dimensions

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